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The Wellness~Masterplan Jamaica PHASE 2

Are you ready for a new life ?

Are you interested in "
the Art of Holistic Healing

" Are you ready to serve your lovely duty
on earth as a skilled Light worker sharing your
gifts of healing in a very blessed universal
wellness promoting environment and yes ....
like minded Angels beside you?


We have finally identified the Wellness Hotel facility / School of Holistic Medicine
and putting the exiting programs together offered very soon in this beautiful properties located directly on the beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica !

We will keep you all up to dated via email or on FB and our stay close by!

But if you are seriously interested you should send us right away your Bio / Resume / Profile and 2 nice pictures and the list of service and skills you love to share !

send to :
We really like to know what is your passions ...
what is the gift you have to share?

It will be just awesome ... and please feel free to share with all friend who are in the Wellness /health care business !

We all can be teachers and share our skills and in the same time... as we are all together students again and learn from others new skills !

* This will enable you to become multi skilled Health Practitioner
* To manage one day soon an entire Wellness Facility/Resort
* enables you to train the health care staff on property and supervise the operation.

Or if you like to become a truly skilled therapist with healing hands

...feel free to join!

To be a Health Consultant or even Practitioner and make a difference in other health seeking peoples life, do assessments and recommendations and life style changes and diets and apply the perfect health plan to your just down this lovely road !

The Art of Holistic Healing is a gift we all have !

Discover the fascinating "micro world" of the Dark field microscopy and join me in an revolutionary exiting Project which will prove the instant effect of super foods on our blood condition!

Let us asst you to reveal skills which are possibly all these years hidden inside of you ?!
We can help you to unfold your talents ....and enable you to use them NOW!
Discover your spiritual light, heal your self and then help healing others around you !

Let us motivate and inspire your senses for you to make the right ...conscious decisions finding a fulfilling passion in the wellness sector NOW !

Come and join a amazing loving group of light workers and let us guide you to find your self first .... and the way to happiness .... you always wanted to go!

Learn how to inspire other become a skilled and amazing charismatic speaker to host workshops and lectures around wellness and the art of natural healing!With a high and loving self esteem you will entertain interested Guests with great pleasure !!

Learn to use the power of the spoken words ,be able just buy speaking to someone or a whole group of people to increase or shift their vibration instantly.!

* Do you love a natural lifestyle
* amazingly fresh prepared healthy live foods
* organic farming ?

This is your chance to join a wonderful organization to fulfill our dreams and purposes same time !

We are starting in March 2012 with 3 weeks training Camp...and have space for a group of approx 25- 30 people.

We invite all health care therapists, practitioners and healers who like to come to Jamaica to study and teach in the same time.

This divine intention/amazing connection to unite all our techniques for our all perfection is a blessing to all of us!

The reasonable cost for the course are calculated with a sharpe pen
to make it possible for everyone to come !

If you are ready to join this first and fabulous 3 weeks workshop/schooling of Natural and Bio-Energetic medicine..out of a series of 3 in 2012...don't wait and let us know asap to be on the list of amazing light working practitioners!

Now is the perfect time to step up and shine !
Together we are stronger !

Love to hear from you
Sigrid Ribbe H.H.P

Phone 876 796-5080 or 876 953-2593
or US Florida 786 463 5189

email :

If you want to go fast .... go alone ... but if you want to reach far... go together !

Montag, 27. September 2010

Is Spirit calling you to a higher purpose and assignment?

Are you ready for a new adventure ?

by Sigrid Gaffga Ribbe

Are you feeling that you are living below your potential?

Would you like to get more out of life?

And contribute to a world vision of expanding health and wellbeing ?

Would you like to join a special selected group of light-workers that will unite in the beautiful new universal-wellness project based in the serenity St . James, Jamaica.

We especially interested to unite with people like you ....
who are passionate for environmental protection , green concepts and holistic medicine .

Are you open to discover the truth about life and how to master it?

Can you feel ... that this just started project could be perfect and truly life fulfilling for you too.?

This is a new ground floor opportunity to create a thriving “health and wellness” mecca in the Jamaican tropical paradise. Then to expand throughout the Caribbean before we go global in phase three.

Imagine the life you could live next year.

Are you interested to create a second new home in the tropical paradise of Jamaica, actualize your very own health and wellness approach; share, teach and train others?

Be a part of us creating a Universal Wellness Community with scores of like-minded friends in the Newest Health/Healing/Wellness Mecca in the trendsetting Caribbean Island of Jamaica.

Meet and work together with new wonderful health conscious people , enjoy the finest of sun ripened fresh fruits and vegetables , a great income and benefits all in a fabulous year- round Jamaican weather.
Only one hour from Miami.

You will join a wide variety of therapists, healers and wellness specialists in complementary and alternative medicine to bring about harmony of health and wellness for the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of your clients.

Therapists of: naturopathy, chiropractic medicine, herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, hypnosis, homeopathy, acupuncture, and nutritional-based therapies, Reiki, Zero Point therapist, Grof Holotropic Breath work, in addition to a range of other practices .

Councilors and coaches of all types; personal trainers, cardio, aerobics, kinesiology , iridology , diet, super-foods, wheat grass, hydrotherapy, hypnosis, meditation, yoga, dance and prayer

Naturopathic Medical Practitioners; Mind-body medicine, Energy medicine, Bio-feedback, Bio- Electromagnetic, Bio field, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Jamaica Folk Medicine and Healing, Shamanism, Chinese Medicine,

We are also looking for:

Conscious Business partners , Investors who place the highest priority on wellness and green concepts both in their own lives in service to others understanding that we are One Love … One Destiny.

We are in need of an experienced energetic lawyer who can protect our unique and exclusive intellectual property rights under Jamaican/ International Laws.

If you like to move fast ... go alone ...
If you like to reach far... go together !!!!!

Together we are strong and shine bright into the Divine lives of our brothers and sisters!

Do you know anyone interested to start a new life ??

Be so kind and share this important request with all your possible friends around the globe !

Jamaica clearly one of the most beautiful island in the Caribbean,
famous for its beautiful north coast Montego Bay vibes ) and the naturally breath taking blue Mountains to be the perfect place to create a healing paradise.

In times like these when normal ailments become pandemics ...Global enlightenment in Wellness & Holistic Medicine is urgently needed !

It is our duty to teach our knowledge hungry young students natural healing to secure our future !

Bio-Energetic therapies and many more cutting edge treatments/therapies will be revealed in our soon opened " School of life & Natural Medicine "

Our beautiful # 1 facility ( 30 Bed room Wellness Beach front Hotel ) is in the final stage of accomplishment and will be opened soon for all age students who love to learn about ancient healing wisdom and the newest high tech healing methods .

Breakthroughs in mind expansion techniques will create a strong foundation for an individual and collective movement into the future.

We are very happy and grateful to be able to find the perfect place / home /platform for everyone who likes to share and join us creating more universal wellness .

Perfect for interested Medical Practitioners to find a possibilities to accomplish/complete your studies and woprk very succesfully with Bio-Energetic techniques.

As genuine Health practitioners our purpose should be .. to empower and enable our clients to heal them self's with natural remedies , de-stress techniques and a proper/wholesome diet.

Note :
This Island Paradise it is not just for the well known sun & fun .

Many natural treasures and the most astounding variety of medicinal plants are waiting for you to explore their amazing health benefits.

This tropical sun balanced with proper rainfall creates the perfect climate for fruits and vegetables to be harvested all year-round .

This Island offers a widely varied terrain with a great a number of beautiful waterfalls and rivers.

Bio- energy loaded , mineral filled Springs provide the most refreshing spring water the world has ever tasted.

Most popular tourist destinations are here for many to explore but unique locations like Mayfield falls , Milk River Bath (mineral springs) and others remain hidden romantic locations only visited through insiders.

Jamaica is where lush mountains meet the clear blue sea. Evergreens and palms grow together, as well as people from all over the world. Above it all stands the highest peak in the Caribbean, Jamaica's Blue Mountain. Beyond the white-sand beaches, our Cockpit country and rain forest will take you back in time.

The Caribbean highest mountain is Jamaica's Blue mountain peak.
Our tropical rainforest's will take your back in time.

It is interesting to note that Captain Blythe and the true "Pirates of the Caribbean" helped create this herbal paradise because Jamaica's real treasure is the flora and fauna they transported to this land of wood and water.

A thousand years of purposeful creation set the foundation for this " healing Mecca " .

Just imagine the possibilities yo retire to a tropical warm home to settle and find a wonderful place of peace!
Jamaica opens it's arms to the world widely to welcome all of you ...searching for a new fulfilling work.

We are the most amazing and highly intelligent species in the universe (as I know of) and we have infinite possibilities to develop natural methods/skills so this Island can hopefully remain and retain much more of it's natural wonders.

It is our duty to protect the environment through educating anyone living on this treasure island .
We are here to preserve nature and develop complete skills to perform the perfect cycle of life.
Conscious Human, animals and plants can live together in perfect harmony.

We need to become aware and learn to service the planet in becoming conscious co-creators ... stop wasting ... and let all natural wonders and more healing treasure re-grow !

Jamaica and you all will stand out as an most beautiful and sophisticated example of a perfect life cycle and abundant prosperity ... so many will easily to follow!

Love, Light and Many Miracles,
from the Harmony Gardens Wellness team &
Sigrid Ribbe H.H.P.

Call us , email or message us and ask your questions.
phone :
Germany : +49 1577 522 1008
Jamaica : (876) 953-25 93 or
(876) 796-5080 or
(876) 484-1165
US Florida : 786 463 51 89

Sigrid Gaffga-Ribbe

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